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Nestlé begins selling popsicles of Kit Kat in Brazil

7/18/2018 - The famous chocolate Kit Kat has unconditional fans. And now they have a new option to taste the flavor of both like. Nestlé begins selling throughout Brazil the Popsicle brand.

Nestlé enters the market of premium chocolates in Brazil with releases

7/16/2018 - São Paulo – Nestle is known in Brazil for producing popular and beloved brands of chocolate, such as Kit Kat, Aero, Alpine Chokito and prestige. Now, the brand decides to invest, too, in the premium chocolate segment.

Closer relationship between animals and owners boost specialty stores

4/11/2018 - With the increasing rapprochement between pets and owners, the trend for retail pet is the specialist shops to gain ever more space. To work around this situation, super and hypermarkets need to improve strategies for the segment, with diversification of products and the provision of services.

Zôdio Enough to compete with Etna and Tok Stok

12/7/2017 - As had already been reported by the Cute News, Leroy Merlin opened yesterday (05) your unit located in Marginal Tietê in São Paulo.

Adeo group brings two new networks for the Country

12/5/2017 - Best known for the network of shops of building materials, 20 years ago Leroy Merlin in the country, the French group Adeo decided to raise the stakes in the Brazilian retail sector.

Leroy Merlin Leaves Store 100% Omnichanel

9/12/2017 - Leroy Merlin has implemented a new in-store buying experience São Bernardo do Campo (SP), which started operating 100% in Omnicanal.

Pet market Changes of behavior and is still on the rise

8/28/2017 - Retail for pets is of those who, in the midst of crisis, have left to grow. According to the National Association of Distributors of Pet products (Andipet), in the year 2016 the sector advanced 6%.

American retailer Petco arrives in Brazil

7/25/2017 - Petco, American retailer specializing in products for animals, comes to Brazil.

MultiPlus announces first collaboration with pet segment

6/22/2017 - SAO PAULO-the Multiplus fidelity network closed your first partnership with a company in the market of services and products for domestic animals. Dot was chosen Pet, startup that maintains a digital platform that connects owners of pets with commercial establishments in the industry.

Güd marks the entry of BRF in Pet Market

5/29/2017 - Is scheduled for August the launch of the brand Güd. The initial information is that the line will be focused on dogs and one of his confirmed versions is the feed flavor Chicken with rice, peas and cassava. The news marks the entry of BRF in PET market with a product that was already the company''s operational routine. Feed production is not new. The BRF already produces a long time hog and feed chickens for their farms. Contact with the Rotating News Newspaper, the BRF no detailed information

EKOpet wants to join in the U.S. market

5/11/2017 - São Paulo-EKOpet, hygiene products for pets (pets), will concentrate efforts to gain space in the United States this year. With that, the manufacturer of the Interbrilho group hopes to raise production, even with the internal market still weak.

Controlled by American Fund, invests 80 million R$ in Petz 16 new stores

4/20/2017 - While the trade as a whole shrinks to face a crisis that has lasted two years, retail graphics products for pets remain on upward trajectory. "Sometimes it''s embarrassing at the meetings of the IDV (Institute for the development of retail): colleagues arrive with reports of closing shops, dismissal, salary reduction agreement and, we, without a doubt, we''re in a very different time," says Sergio Zimerman, President of Petz, the largest retailer of pet products in number of stores and second in

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