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Bars and Restaurants with a total turnover of 68% more in Brazil game X Belgium

7/17/2018 - The billing of the Brazilian restaurants and bars grew 68% on Friday, day 6, when the Brazil said goodbye to the World Cup in the game against Belgium, related to the same day of the previous week. In Recife, the increase was of 101%, the highest according to the survey done by the network, electronic means of payment undertaking of Itaú Unibanco. At the other end is Porto Alegre, where sales of bars and restaurants rose by 25%.

Harvest records 87% high in the production and sales of natural chicken

1/17/2018 - The harvest, one of the brands of the food company JBS, increased by 87% and sales volume of natural chicken in 2017 in comparison with the previous year. The company started this movement in 2015 when it launched a line without antibiotics, hormones and preservatives under the Seara brand DaGranja.

Hormel Foods announces acquisition of Chang for $ $104 mi

8/25/2017 - American food products company Hormel Foods announced on Thursday (24) the acquisition of the brazilian City of Sun, which owns the mark Chang, for $ $104 million (approximately $327 million R). The Chang is manufacturer of embedded and mortadella as your flagship.

Members of Chang negotiate sale to Hormel Foods

8/24/2017 - The Ceratti, embedded with company headquarters in Vinhedo (SP), is in talks to be sold to the American company Hormel Foods. Sources familiar with the operation said the value of the transaction is approximately R $350 million. It is expected that the agreement will be concluded later this week.

Meat prices Should climb to 6.5% with GST

3/30/2017 - From next Saturday, April 01, a kilo of meat and sausages should increase between 6 percent and 6.5 percent on the back of the levying of tax on circulation of Goods and services (ICMS) of the product in the State of São Paulo in Brazil. The calculations are made by the President of the São Paulo supermarket Association (Apas), Shivani Gaur, representing over 3000 stores in the State of São Paulo in Brazil.

Facilitate business apps at the Olympics

8/5/2016 - São Paulo-about to move R$ 2.6 billion during the Olympics and Paralympics, the tourists who pass by Rio de Janeiro must find a mesh of services much more prepared-and also connected-than that existing two years ago, during the World Cup in the country.

Inline food spending rises

7/11/2016 - In times of crisis, the consumption of food inlaid goes back up. Kantar Worldpanel: consumer study reveals that sausages, hams and Burger are among the fastest growing items in spending of families with food in 2015. This is because they are alternatives in cost and benefit, explains Christine Pereira, commercial Director of the Research Institute.

Seara will sell chicken raised without antibiotics; product costs up to 40% more

10/28/2015 - Seara Alimentos, controlled by the JBS group, announced the launch of a line with cuts of chickens raised without antibiotics, hormones or preservatives. The products of DaGranja cost about 40% more than the conventional chicken brand, but are 20% cheaper than the similar competitor product, according to the company. The company refers to products of Korin, Ipeúna (SP), which produces eggs and organic chickens. According to the harvest, the new products will have international certification ensu

BRF will invest 180 million R$ in built-in factory on the river

10/27/2015 - The BRF will announce today an investment of 180 million R$ to build a new plant in Rio de Janeiro, as anticipated the value PRO, real-time information service. The new unit, the 35th in the country, will be built in Seropédica, in the metropolitan region of the State.

Seara invests in the market of chickens raised without antibiotics

10/21/2015 - The Brazil is one of the biggest consumers of chicken in the world, representing in 2015, a demand of about 49 kg per capita during the year, according to ABPA1. More and more present on the table of the consumer, the chicken has become a protein option for those in search of a more balanced and healthy nutrition. The harvest, which specializes in chicken, complements its portfolio of eye on that market and launches the DaGranja line, with products created with no antibiotics, no hormones and no

Italian national market back to embedded

9/14/2015 - Since 2002, imports were banned due to an outbreak of a disease that struck pigs in Italy. The return of products will have campaign of exporters

Ceratti invests to try to show that it's not just baloney

7/8/2015 - The Ceratti, embedded with company headquarters in Vinhedo (SP), put in place last week its expansion plan announced in 2014, which includes investments in production and distribution outside the Rio-São Paulo and a marketing campaign on a national level. The investment planned for the year in production and marketing is of R $ 32 million,

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