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Wine Sales Grow 18.5% in 2018

7/20/2018 - The marketing of wines grew 18.5 percent in the first four months of 2018 compared to the same period last year. The statement is the Brazilian Wine Institute (Ibravin), which indicated still 44% advance in exports of drink and the projection to end the year with an increase above 30%. According to international studies, Brazil will be the fifth largest buyer of wine in the world in 2030. According to Ibravin, the Brazilian wine already has 62% market share and the goal for the second half is to

Aurora Winery Provides one of its best vintages

1/24/2018 - The Vinícola Aurora reveals that are already in process more than 10 million pounds of wine grapes early and for the elaboration of American sparkling wines, wines and grape juices.

Sugarloaf will have cell phones for sale

12/21/2017 - The Pão de Açúcar network is more remembered for breads, cheeses and wines, but now you have cellphones. Five "stores within the store" will be opened across the network from Thursday, 21. A similar concept was implemented for decoration products, in partnership with the Etna, in 28 shops. Mobile telephony is a category of high profitability for retailers and the company saw an opportunity to include mobile phones in some large stores sales. (Chandu Shah)

Owner of iFood door in app delivery

12/20/2017 - The Movile, owner of iFood PlayKids in Brazil and applications, announced contribution on startup Mercadoni, which Colombian delivery operates in shopping at supermarkets, pharmacies, pet shops and wine stores and delicatessens.

Sparkling consumption reacts and animates wineries

11/30/2017 - Brazilian wineries betting in the last quarter to stop the drop in sales of domestic sparkling started yet in 2016. From January to October the industry's delivery retreated 1.9 percent compared with the same period of last year to 11.2 million liters, influenced by the economic crisis, by the advance of the imported and the delay in making retail orders for the new year, but it is expected to close at least 2017 s with the same volume registered in the previous year.

Brazilian exports of wines Rise 37%

8/22/2017 - Brazilian exports of wines grew 37% in volume in the first half of 2017 and 24% in value sales of wines and sparkling wines for the external market, compared to the previous year.

Super wines fair Our Invoice 30% more

7/10/2017 - Our Super mining network announces that registered public record and billing in your 8th edition of the fair of wines.

The jug wine global awards

7/4/2017 - The agronomist Luiz Henrique Marcon pulls some grapes from the vine and invites: "just try it! Sweet, delicate and with such subtle notes, get out a bad wine here? " Marcon open smile, while shows plastic boxes that farmers just fill with curls sauvignon blanc, in one of the 43 acres of vineyards, House in Andradas, sul de Minas. That afternoon, started the winter harvest Winery founded by your grandfather and expectations couldn''t be better.

Gaucho bet on special dates retail for high sales in June

6/5/2017 - Special dates are always important opportunities to supermarkets seek sales growth. According to data calculated by Agas (Associação Gaúcha de Supermarkets) with the Associates, the sales growth of typical items for the jerk should be 6 percent compared to the period last year. Also in June, prepares inventories of wines, candy boxes and flowers for the arrival of Valentine''s day, to be celebrated 12 day.

Owner of the liqueur Amarula review strategy in Brazil

5/18/2017 - The Distell, South African beverage manufacturer and owner of the liqueur Amarula, closed the deal that had since 2003 with Bacardi to distribute their drinks in the country, and hired the Interfood Import to distribute their wines and liquor. "The goal is to improve the retail distribution, retrieving the gondolas, and sell in the Northeast and North of the country," said Theo Loyal, marketing manager of Distell in Latin America.

Brazilian wine sales fall 30% in Q1

4/28/2017 - How many Brazilian wines you sold January to now? Now, how many imported wines you sold in the same period? If your answers are unfavorable to the Brazilian wine, you''re part of a statistic. This week, the Brazilian Wine Institute (Ibravin) announced a 30% drop in sales of wines made in the country in the first quarter of this year compared to the same period last year.

Carrefour Promotes action with Campari Drinks

2/23/2017 - Carrefour stores in the State of São Paulo, between 21 and 28 this month, the campaign "Monte Bar". The action has the dynamic buy and win in exclusive partnership with the Campari Group and is valid for supermarkets and hypermarkets. With the purchase of two labels of participating brands, Sky, Sagatiba and Campari, the client wins the third item free of charge. The Carrefour is the customer who determines which labels will be part of your promotion, because it offers freedom to choose the same

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