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Nestle chocolates Expands Portfolio of Funsize

10/17/2018 - The Chocolates Nestle develops packaging Funsizes of 114 g, with six units of candy, 19 each, for brands: Chokito, Charge, Lollo and Smash. According to the company, the news came to join the portfolio Funsize which began with the launch of the Prestige and Prestige White milk. Packages arriving to the Brazilian market this month, with the suggested retail price of R $5.49 to the final consumer.

Nestlé begins selling popsicles of Kit Kat in Brazil

7/18/2018 - The famous chocolate Kit Kat has unconditional fans. And now they have a new option to taste the flavor of both like. Nestlé begins selling throughout Brazil the Popsicle brand.

Nestlé enters the market of premium chocolates in Brazil with releases

7/16/2018 - São Paulo – Nestle is known in Brazil for producing popular and beloved brands of chocolate, such as Kit Kat, Aero, Alpine Chokito and prestige. Now, the brand decides to invest, too, in the premium chocolate segment.

Sick: study shows how much air comes in packaging of snacks

7/13/2018 - The feeling of opening a bag of chips and if you frustrate the amount of snacks be smaller than imagined it is not by chance.

General Electric Debuts e-commerce

1/11/2018 - Virtual stores were the big brands last year. In March, the Mondelez, opened an online store to sell Easter eggs Lacta brand, Coca-Cola went on to sell custom bottles and the Riachuelo invested R $28 million on your platform. The proposal, according to these brands, is to improve the consumer experience with unique products or services to the digital environment.

Kit Kat opens new plant in Japan to produce exotic flavors

7/27/2017 - Wasabi and sweet potatoes may not be the most popular flavors of Kit Kat, but Japanese demand for exotic chocolate bar versions encouraged manufacturer Nestle to open

Chocolate reduces weight to fit in the pocket of the consumer

3/23/2017 - The segment increased by 0.8% your marketshare in 2016, even with a 9.6% drop in volume sold. The category of chocolate as a whole fell 12.7 percent, according to the Nielsen consulting.

Easter with giant egg of Ferrero Rocher

3/23/2017 - Packed with the traditional Golden foil, the Grand Ferrero Rocher comes to the Brazilian consumer.

Easter egg prices rise on average 3.4% this year, says Association

3/3/2017 - Easter egg prices are, on average, 3.4% more expensive this year, compared to 2016, according to a survey published on Thursday, 2, Brazilian supermarket Association (Abras).

Fruits and vegetables Creates products and Snacks for the summer

1/11/2017 - The Grocery network launches new products and snacks for the summer, they are: "Wrap Sensation" made with Turkey Breast with Buffalo mozzarella, dried tomato and crisp lettuce; "Summer Lovin'' Salad" consisting of cucumber, corn, lettuce, carrot, American black olive, radish and cottage cheese; and "Refreshing fruit salad" with watermelon, mango palmer, grape thompson, select Orange and granola. The products are unique for the summer season and will be available in all stores in RJ, SP and 9 day

Brazilian''s intention is to save on Christmas and be economical in 2017

12/22/2016 - For this Christmas, the rule is save and don''t go into debt, according to the study of Christmas and new year developed by Kantar TNS with 984 online consumers of Southeast, South, Northeast and center of Brazil. For 47% of respondents, the feeling is of concern for the future, while 37% were optimistic and 80% have stated that they intend to save more.

Nestlé invests to export chocolate and pet food

12/9/2016 - Despite the recessive scenario and increasing inflation, Nestle intends to carry out a new injection of investment in Brazil in 2017 that, added to contributions this year, will transform the country into an export hub for Latin America of two brands considered important for the Swiss company: Kit Kat chocolate and moist feed Purina, the "premium" back to dogs and cats.

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