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Bubble Kill Innovates in the way of Tea

7/31/2017 - The paulista franchise network Bubble Kill, inspired by the Asian drinks shops, close your first year of operation with 27 stores in operation, says Monique Pfaender, commercial Director, in an exclusive interview to the newspaper Fun News.

Aroma Selezione expects to double revenues in 2017

5/16/2017 - The Aroma Selezione, startup that produces tea and coffee capsules Nespresso machines, expects to close the year with a turnover of R $4,000,000, i.e. twice the obtained last year.

Ice cream and Tea Boosts Sales of the Unilever

4/24/2017 - Unilever announces that sales of ice cream and tea segment was discharged from 5.4% in the first quarter of 2017. Meanwhile, the food Division was the weakest, with stable performance, and the home and personal products rose by 3.4%. According to information disclosed, the company''s underlying sales grew by 2.9% in the first quarter, surpassing analysts '' expectations of 2% expansion and high of 2.2% in the fourth quarter of 2016. The result, according to the company, was led by emerging marke

Nestlé and Coca Cola contain Nestea iced tea agreement

3/7/2017 - Nestlé and Coca-Cola agreed to terminate your joint venture of Nestea iced tea after 16 years and pursue separate strategies on the market of bottled drinks, which undergoes rapid change.

King of the Kill Invests R $2 Mi in Performance in retail

2/21/2017 - The franchise network King of the Kill, with several shops scattered around the Brazil, is investing to expand your retail activities. the company intends to invest more in this segment and expand sales to other regions of Brazil, such as the Northeast and the South. "Of the 10 million R$ the King of the Kill will invest in 2017, R$ 2 million will be allocated to the bottled tea," says Marketing and commercial Director of the King of the Kill, Antonio Nasraui. In 2015, the company registered a g

Lion coffee encourages small-scale beverage preparation

2/13/2017 - Local cafes and major networks sell Brazilian coffees in Brazil and in other countries. After all, in addition to the world''s biggest producer, are also the largest exporters. For a while here, these special beans also were found in grocery stores here and in August 2016, Lion coffee hit the shelves.

With cheaper products, Starbucks wants to triple number of stores in the country

1/4/2017 - With a business that corresponds today to only 0.4% of global, Starbucks in Brazil plans to expand and have a massive operation, similar to that of the United States. The goal is to reach 367 stores in four years betting outside the Rio-São Paulo. National expansion should start by Brasilia, Curitiba and Belo Horizonte. Today, there are 103 units in the Country in 17 cities of the States of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Luminus launches first functional hibiscus tea ready to drink

11/21/2016 - Known in the circuit of functional juices, Luminus introduces its line of ready-to-drink teas, under the brand name Luminus Tea. Hibiscus version opens the portfolio in packages of 1 litre and 200 ml. According to the company, the beverage line brings in its composition high levels of antioxidants that protect the body against chronic diseases. Also incorporates large amount of fiber, which AIDS in weight control and cholesterol. "In addition, the tea is also an excellent source of hydration for

Grow sales of coconut water and tea

10/19/2016 - The coconut water and bottled teas ready are the only categories of non-alcoholic beverages that grow in sales this year, according to data from the Nielsen consulting. In January to August, sales of coconut water advanced 5.3% in volume compared with the same period in 2015. Sales of teas ready increased 0.9% in the same range. The soft drinks market as a whole shrank 7.2 percent.

Coca-Cola enters the coffee market with the Lion brand

7/15/2016 - Coca-Cola will sell coffee. From the first week of August will be available in supermarkets and specialty stores in Rio, Sao Paulo and Curitiba packages of coffee powder and beans, Arabica type.

In the category without alcohol, the expansion is in coconut water, tea and m...

7/11/2016 - A study by the consultancy Nielsen indicates that, from 2015, the categories of mineral water, coconut water and tea ready to drink are the only non-alcoholic drinks that are still growing in the country.

Coconut water and tea ready to drink win space

4/12/2016 - While the soft drink market shrinks in the country, following the world trend of replacing the drink for healthier options, the categories of tea and coconut water gain space. Euromonitor International consultancy data indicated that in 2015, the coconut water sales grew 11.1 percent in the country in volume, to 171 million liters. Sales of teas ready increased 8.2% to 189.5 million liters. Already the volume of soda sold shrank 5.9 percent, totaling 14.9 billion liters.

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