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Condor invests R $15 million to open hypermarket in Campo Mourão

7/20/2018 - With more than 20000 items distributed by 5000 m2 of sales area, was opened yesterday the Hyper Condor in the city of Campo Mourão. Among the highlights of the new store, is the appreciation of regional products. An example is in the bakery sector, with inputs of Coamo and technical support of the cooperative, whose headquarters are in the town. In addition, 100% of the cooperative's product line will be available in the new hypermarket.

Condor survives to imported and predicts growth of 13% in 2017

7/20/2017 - to grow in the raging beauty and hygiene market. With investments in new products and innovation-strategy that combats the imported, the company predicts growth of 13% to 2017.

Colgate might be for sale

5/19/2017 - The American consumer products company Colgate-Palmolive is willing to negotiate your sale, according to information from The New York Post, citing a source. The price to close a deal would be $ $100 per share, which would rate the company at more than $88 billion. Chief Executive Ian Cook reportedly said in a meeting with institutional investors in recent weeks that could sell the company for $ $100 per share, according to a source heard by The Post.

Group billing Apothecary 7.5% in 2016, grows to R$11,4 bi

5/5/2017 - SAO PAULO-the Pharmacist Group announced on Thursday that ended with 2016 revenues of 11.4 billion reais in retail, high of 7,5% on to the previous one.

Hypermarcas has net income of R$183,5 mi in the first quarter

5/2/2017 - São Paulo – the famacêuticos products company Hypermarcas had net profit of 183,500,000 dollars in the first quarter, a fall of 81,8% compared to the same stage last year, when the outcome had been influenced by nonrecurring effect.

Unilever''s sales grow in the world but fall in Brazil and USA

4/27/2017 - Unilever registered a 6.1% increase in revenue for the first quarter, to 13.3 billion euros, compared to the previous year. The result was received, once again, by the increase in prices, which offset the poor performance in developed markets such as Europe and the United States.

The look of the class C on the beauty

3/9/2017 - In a survey of 5,600 people in October 2016, about the channels they use to search for beauty tips and information, the group my life noticed differences in platforms or vehicles according to class and age group of the interviewed. A cutout of the study specifically analyzes the behavior of class C.

Natura mira sales on mother''s day

2/24/2017 - São Paulo-Natura is betting on a strategy to have strong presence in sales for mother''s day from 2017. To date, one of the most important to the industry calendar will still be marked by low consumption rate in the country.

Nivea brand company invests 300 million R$ in SP

2/10/2017 - The German multinational Beiersdorf, owner of the Nivea brand, will invest 300 million R$ to extend your factory in Itatiba (Brazil). The unit has been in existence since 2003. The group does not reveal what will change in your production with the contribution, just that the extension of the plant should be fully functional by the end of 2019.

Derma bepantol tv debut

8/1/2016 - For the first time, the Derma Bepantol goes to TV to show its product line focused on hydration of the skin and hair. Entitled "Careful in every detail", the campaign includes a television movie opened and closed, in which he points out the attributes of the line, and the importance of taking care of every detail of the body. In addition, the brand still highlights its main component of the formula, the pró-vitaminaa B5. Created by the Agency j. Walter Thompson, the campaign will also feature de

Colgate-Palmolive has greater profit and lower sales in the second quarter

7/29/2016 - Colgate-Palmolive recorded in the second quarter of this year net profit of $ 600,000,000, 4.53% gain recorded in same period in 2015. On the same basis of comparison, net sales retreated 5.44%, to $ 3.845 billion.

Toothpaste manufacturers adapt to changes in the consumption

7/21/2016 - Sao Paulo-the reflections of economic crisis impact the production of toothpaste in the country. In addition to a smaller demand, the hygiene industry comes greater interest in more packaging noting, say industry experts.

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