segunda-feira, 29 de fevereiro, 2016

Supermarkets expect to Grow 8% at Easter

The supermarket paulistas expect a nominal growth of 8% in sales of Easter products, compared to the same period in 2015, in accordance with the Apas. In real terms there will be fall in sales, as the inflation of the period is around 11%. According to the Economics and research manager of APAS, Rodrigo Mariano, is expecting a 12% increase in sales of chocolates. "With the high inflation throughout 2015, Easter egg prices can lead more consumers to seek other options. This on the one hand encourages the sale of chocolate in General, but it must hurt sales of eggs, "comments.
Rodrigo strategy explains that, in this scenario, the search industry strategies to help sales, and one of them is the production of smaller eggs, reducing the price of the product and making it accessible. Prices should have adjustments around 15%, and this is due to various factors, including the dollar and the price of sugar has increased over the past few months. Still, association agreement over the last 3 years the average increase in the number of jobs at this time of year is 1,800 employees. However, the expectation of new job openings for 2016 is around 1,200.
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