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Cost of construction in Brazil has increased 0.27%

The cost of the square meter (m2) in the building, registered by the national index of construction (Sinapi), closed the month of September with high of 0.27 percent, 0.04 percentage point above getting the rate of the previous month of 0.23%. The data were released on Friday by the Brazilian Institute of geography and statistics (IBGE). YTD indicator was 2.98 percent and the accumulated over the last 12 months stood at 4.25%, just 0.01 percentage point greater than the 4.24 percent recorded in the 12 months immediately prior. In September 2016, the index was 0.26 percent. The national cost of construction per square meter, in September, was R $1,057.99, R $539.52 relating to materials used and R $518.47 from labor spending. In August, the cost had closed in R $1,055.18. According to the IBGE, weighed on high the collective bargaining of the construction sector in para, which increased the cost of labor in the State. The Stop was the region that had the highest rate of change in the country in September (1.47%), according to the IBGE researcher Augusto Oliveira. "On the variation of labor we observed significant increase only in the State of Pará, where we had collective bargaining. It is a State that has little impact on the national index. As we used to registering a larger number of disputes in other months, that was the lowest rate in the last six months, "he said. The national index, had greater impact the change in the cost of materials, another component of Sinapi. The reason was the price increase in the States of Acre, Bahia, Ceará, Maranhão, and that in most of your recorded high in the expenses related to the cement. With high on plot of materials in four States, and with the variation captured on labor in the State of Pará, due to salary adjustment of the collective agreement, the northern region presented the greatest regional variation in September, 0.66%. This month all regions showed positive rates, as follows: 0.39% (Northeast), 0.10% (Southeast), 0.19% (South) and 0.34% (Midwest). Regional costs per square metre, were to: R $1,059.63 (North); R $982.83 (Northeast); R $1,104.79 (Southeast); R $1,100.68 (South) and R $1,061.59 (Midwest).
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