terça-feira, 17 de outubro, 2017

Demand pull cocoa prices recovery

With the new crop about to begin, the cocoa has positive perspectives of world production and prices in Brazil, according to a prediction from consultancy INTL FCStone. The 2016/2017 period was marked by a fall in the prices of 26%, according to the special report "prospects for Commodities", produced by the core of the company''s market intelligence. For consulting, the good banks should encourage more economic growth grind at home and appreciation of the euro. The main cocoa processors, as Netherlands (especially the Netherlands), Côte d''Ivoire and United States must have earnings growth in product transformation in almonds no less than 15% higher than the average of the last five years. According to data from INTL FCStone, the numbers they would penetrate a record, at least compared to the recent past. "It is therefore concluded that there is a high risk to the cocoa price, given the possibility of production does not reach the expectations in a scenario in which the demand should remain strong and growing", says Fabio Rezende, market analyst of INTL FCStone. Still consulting reports that the first reports of the crop point to a good production, with surplus between supply and demand that happened in the previous period. That would keep commodity prices under pressure, experts estimate. "Although there is a consensus that the world production of cocoa 2017/18 hardly will reach the record set the previous season," concluded the analyst Raj.
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