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' Effect ' hits national maker Abengoa of transmission lines

BRASILIA-the crisis of the Spanish giants Abengoa and Isolux, which stopped transmission projects in the country, stressed the problems of another company in the industry, which faces a deep financial difficulty. The bankruptcy is now a threat also to the largest 100% brazilian manufacturer of high voltage cables, Brascopper. The company tries to avoid closing its doors through a process of reorganization situation also Abengoa and Isolux. The Brascopper has accumulated debt of R $126 million, with 1,014 creditors. The collapse of the company founded in 1984, in Ribeirão Preto (SP), is the result of a combination of factors, among them the frustration of major auctions of transmission occurring in recent years, the breakdown of Spanish companies, the country's financial crisis and the fall in the price of aluminum , all this occurred in the last four years. The scenario is very different from what the company thought until 2011, when, after an investment of about R $70 million, put in operation at your third factory in São Luís, the company also has a plant in Três Lagoas (MS). The goal was to prepare for deliver high voltage cables for large projects that were in progress or planned for the Country, case of linhões of the Belo Monte dam, which would be in charge of Abengoa. The Spanish would assume this venture and kilometers, 2000 keep my eye on that demand, the Brascooper closed a contract to provide 1700 km of cables for the company. The line of Abengoa, however, did not come out and the cable orders failed to materialize. With the fall in the price of aluminum in the world and the failures of many auctions between 2012 and 2014, the debt has accumulated. At the height of production, company units have reached 774 employees employed. Today, all with 196 workers. The plant operates with one-third of capacity. The company's revenue, which can border R $600 million in 2011, plummeted to $270 million last year. The information was confirmed in the report by Wendel Caleffi, partner of EXM Partners, consulting that was hired by Brascopper to try your reorganization and has spoken on behalf of the manufacturer. The only way found to try to save the company was selling your unit in the State of Maranhão. It is expected that the deal will be closed in 90 days. "We made a diagnosis of the situation and concluded that the company's coverage and the payment of your debt have come to depend on the sale of assets," says Caleffi. "When you're in reorganization, the availability of working capital is no. You don't have access to credit. The factory is valued at just over R $100 million. There are already interested, including from other countries. " Interested in the list of big-name production of cables are multinationals Alubar, General Cable, Nexans and Prysmian. Among those interested in the factory of the company, says they're Caleffi Chinese investors, all of whom have won most of the auctions of transmission lines carried out by the Government in the past two years. From 2015 on, the Government seeks to connect large power plants in the country, on behalf of the Spanish projects Abengoa and Isolux, that didn't work out. The first projects have already been targets of the Declaration of revocation by the Government. In the case of Isolux, a few lines down, including relicitadas by the national electricity Agency (Aneel).
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