segunda-feira, 09 de outubro, 2017

LETTUCE/CEPEA: it rains in SP after long drought

Piracicaba, 06-this week (02 to 06/10), after a long dry period, it rained in Ibiúna and Mogi das Cruzes (SP). In General, the rains were beneficial for production, according to employees of the Grocery/Cepea. Irrigation was normalized and the level of the tanks and reservoirs has increased, especially in the region of Mogi das Cruzes. So, there was lettuce in the plantations of the two regions. The reason for this, besides the low demand, was the rising temperatures in recent weeks that they reduced the development cycle of lettuce planted more recently and "joining lots new with the oldest, which increased the offer of lettuce. The crisped in Ibiúna closed the week by R $6.97, 12.90% drop. In Mogi das Cruzes, American prices fell 4.55% and was R $8.75/cx with 12 units. For the next week (07 the 13/10), the prediction is 26 mm of rainfall in Ibiúna and 18 mm in Mogi das Cruzes well distributed during the week, according to Climatempo, which can continue to be favorable for the recovery of the level of the reservoirs.
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