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Oil prices soar and Brent records best performance for 3rd quarter in 13 years

NEW YORK (Reuters)-oil prices closed slightly higher on Friday after a rally due to geopolitical instability around the Kurdistan in Iraq. This helped Brent to register your better price performance for the third quarter since 2004. Brent crude closed at an all-time high of 0.13 dollar, or 0,2%, 57.54 dollars per barrel, registering a gain of about 20% in the third quarter. The contract had reached your largest level in more than two years earlier in the week, resulting in a fifth consecutive weekly high. This performance is the greatest period of high weekly Brent since June 2016. The oil of the United States closed on high dollar, 0.11 to 51.67 dollars a barrel, the stronger your performance for the third quarter in ten years and the longest period of weekly gains since January. "The biggest concern for oil is the Kurdish region," said Matt Smith, Director of Commodity Research of ClipperData. "Today we're seeing banned international flights, the transport of fuels being banned from Iran." The Iraqi Kurds endorsed independence for nine to one in a referendum on Monday that angered Turkey, the central Government in Baghdad and other powers, who fear that the result could lead to new conflicts in the oil-rich region.
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