sexta-feira, 20 de outubro, 2017

Rice: positive Market in October in anticipation of PEP and Prepo Hill

For the first time in October – and in recent months-the trajectory of paddy rice prices showed appreciation after long decline, recovering losses being minimally logged in the month. The prices of 50-pound bag of rice in the husk (58x10) in Rio Grande do Sul, Esalq/Senar-RS, achieved average R $36.54 on Tuesday, 17 October day, marking a recovery of 0.33% in the month. The exchange quotation of the day, the check amounts to $ $11.53. The reaction happens for two reasons. Concerned with the formation of the next crop, and the many problems raised by the delay and the lack of Windows of planting by the instability of the climate, and also by the prices, there was a pullback in sales.
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