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Steel production in Japan advances amid scandal of Kobe Steel

The production of crude steel of Japan accompanied the global growth and rose 2 percent in September compared to the previous year, while global production jumped 5.6% over the same period and a basis for comparison, reported this week to The World Steel Association (Worldsteel), a result disclosed in the technical data manipulation scandal of Kobe Steel products, third largest steel manufacturer in Japan, according to the survey of Worldsteel, entity that gathers the main manufacturers of raw material in the world, the overall production reached 141,430,000 tons in September, whereas the 66 countries that reported their production data in the ninth month of 2017. The expansion was influenced mainly by the strong improvement in volumes in China, in the United States and, with less intensity, in India. With this performance, in the first nine months of the year, world crude steel production stood at 1.27 billion tons, a growth of 5.6% compared to the same range of 2016. In China, the largest producer of steel, the production in September was 71,830,000 tons, 5.3% above the volume reached a year earlier. Already, Japan's second-largest crude steel producer on the planet, for your time, amounted to 8.6 million tonnes produced from input, with 2% growth compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, production in India rose 1.9% to 8.2 million tons. The United States, for your time, raised in 8.6% crude steel production last month to 6,720,000 tons. In the European Union, points to Worldsteel, Germany produced 3.5 million tons, with expansion of 8.1% compared to September 2016 and, in Turkey, the high was 13%, to 3 million tons. In Brazil, according to data already published by the Brazil Steel Institute (IABr), there was growth of 7.6%, to 3 million tons. Kobe Steel data fraud In 10 days this month, the Japanese steelmaker revealed that for years falsified information about the quality of their products to meet the demands of its customers, including manufacturers of automobiles, trains, aircraft, among others. I thought initially that this fraudulent practice would be limited to Japan, where the Group operates, but investigations revealed that the manipulation of the data extends to products sold outside of Japan. Account for more than 200 Japanese companies deceived by forged documents of the Steel Group. Among them are major manufacturers with Toyota and Mitsubishi. The list of "affected", which grows every day, includes manufacturers of aircraft and trains, as well as companies in the West.
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