quinta-feira, 30 de novembro, 2017

APPLE/CEPEA: European Crop can be 18% smaller

Piracicaba, 27 – the production of apples in season 2017/18 of the European Union is estimated at 9.2 million tons, according to report of the USDA (United States Department of agriculture). The volume is 18% lower in relation to the previous harvest, being the lowest production since 2007. With the exception of Portugal, all other countries showed below-average production of the past five years. In addition, the area intended for the cultivation of apples also comes retreating, mainly due to the maleicultores poles reduce the use of older orchards, after a long period of low prices-with a strong influence of the Russian embargo. Thus, the reduction of the area should not impact on total production capacity, since the older areas have lower productivity. In addition, producers in the Netherlands switched to production of apples for pears, considered more profitable. -High temperatures in March, anticipated flowering in two weeks. Already in April, the orchards were hit by severe frosts. The production was even more affected in southern and Eastern Europe, with warm periods in the month of July. The weather not only reduced production, but also left marks on the fruit, devaluing them. However, do not affect the internal quality of apples, which made them suitable for processing. Nevertheless, it is expected a reduction of 11% in the volume of apples processed – the lowest level since 2011/12.
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