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Bahia registers in 2017 second worst cocoa production of history

Cocoa production in Bahia called harvest by the producers of ' temporary ', whose harvest goes from May to September, registered this year, the second worst cocoa production in history, since yields of almonds were divided into two, in 1958 – another harvest season , considered as the main, runs from October to April. In the early of 2017 36,876 tonnes were harvested cocoa – in 2016 were 43,374 tons. The reduction was expected by the producers, due to drought that affects the cocoa crop since September 2015, when in early 94,836 tons were harvested. Despite the reduction, the Bahia is still the leading cocoa producer State Brazil, with acreage to 450,000 hectares, where they operate about of 40000 cocoa producers. The year's worst harvest in early was in 1962, with 33,426 tons. Until 1958, the cocoa crop in Bahia was considered a just, without Division. The Executive Committee of the Cocoa Crop (Ceplac) estimates that the crop must be 2016/2017 of Bahia 104,820 cocoa tons before the 145,630 tons of 2015/2016. At the time that the drought has affected crops, cocoa producers in the South of the State came having main harvest recovery, which was at 161,520 tonnes in 2012, fell to 145,800 tonnes in 2013, was 158,520 in 2014 and lowered slightly in 2015 to 154,200 tons of amên doas of cocoa. Rains producers say, because of the drought, many feet of cocoa were lost and the fruits do not have matured. According to the Instituto do Meio Ambiente e Recursos Hídricos (Inema), autarchy linked to the State Department of environment, the rains in Islanders have varied year by year, from 2012, when 1,071 mm fell. In the following years there was a record of 1,634.1 mm (2013), 1,781.8 mm (2014), 1,255 mm (2015), 1,368 mm (2016) and in 2017 fell in the city until this Monday (20) 827.4 mm. "due to the drought, had some plantations that were lost altogether, with zero production," said the President of Sin Rural Islanders dicato Milton Andrade, who hopes, however, good recovery in 2018. Bahia's leadership in the sector can also be measured in the amount of jobs it generates in the entire chain of culture. 80000 are direct and indirect jobs, according to the Brazilian Institute of geography and statistics (IBGE), accounts for 54% of the national production of 274,000 tons in 2017 (estimate), 28% more than 2016, year in which cocoa producers have earned R $1.2 billion. Stop breathing down neck Pará is the second largest national producer, with 42% of the crop in Brazil, and has better productivity than Bahia: while the North State produces 916 kilos/hectare in Bahia is 500 pounds. The annual production of Pará is in 105,800 tons – five years ago 68400 era, average growth of 13% per year. Both the cocoa produced in Bahia and Pará is virtually all industrialised in Ilhéus, where are 15 chocolate factories, most of them remnants of the golden period of culture, decimated by the plague of broom from the Decade of 1980. The largest companies are Cargill, Olam and Barry Callebaut. Due to the fall in production of Bahia, companies have resorted to imports to meet the global demand for chocolate, which, according to TechNavio, a market research firm, must grow in volume, 2.4% per year until 2019. World cocoa consumption is 4.2 million tons. The market analyst and expert on commodity cocoa, Thomas Hartmann, who is based in Salvador, said in an interview with the post that at least 60000 tonnes of cocoa from Ghana must reach the port of Pinto, in Ilhéus between this new year. In examining the panorama of cocoa of Bahia, Hartman criticized the lack of official banks financing lines for crop recovery. "There's no incentive to producers. Those who manage something with banks are through other sources of funding that are not linked to the cacauicultura, "said the expert. According to Hartman, a small quantity of Brazil's cocoa production is being exported to Argentina, Chile, United States and some European countries. The Ministry of agriculture was sought by mail for comment, but gave no answer.
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