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Engineering Plastics: QP and Advanced Polymers join forces

Synergy, portfolio of top materials and increased healing of capillarity in the specialty market arm tripod of the reasons for the establishment of a retail heavyweight of engineering plastics: the Chemical fusion & plastics (QP) with Advanced Polymers. "The society was initiated last September and should be completed in a year," trust Director Everton Mellado dividing in equal shares control of the joint venture with businessman Ricardo Chrysostom. The new company, under the name Advanced Polymers, blooms in the shade of two decades of active QP and eight of the retailer partner. "The sum of our wallets surpasses the mark of 600 active customers, the annual movement must overcome 5,000 tons and we are committed to raise the volume to 6,500 tons in 2018," delimits Mellado. In relation to the display of materials imported, the Director listed as current champions of polyacetal sales, acrylic, polycarbonate, polybutylene terephthalate, polyamide 6.6 and acrylonitrile buiadieno styrene copolymer. "Next year, the catalog will be strengthened by the entry of PET, nylon 6, polyurethane and thermoplastic copolymer of ethylene-vinyl acetate. In the wake, Mellado beckons with the engineering resins offer plan benefited by order (tolling) by componedor undisclosed location. In the sphere of logistics, Advanced Polymers now operates meter by three distribution centers (São Paulo, Paraná and Santa Catarina) and commercial force composed at the time of five internal and external 25 vendors, housed in the South, Southeast and Northeast. "Still crawl on in digital commerce, but news in that area will be in 2018," promises the Director.
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