quinta-feira, 23 de novembro, 2017

Mixed prices in Brazil soy

Soybean prices had on Wednesday (21.11) another day of low market price Brazilian physicist, taking off the trend on the stock exchange Chicago (CBOT). For example, in the countryside, the bag of soybeans (60 pounds) was sold to R $53.57 in smile (Mato Grosso). The quote meant a low of 0.50% of the R $53.84 offered at the last evaluation. In the port of Paranaguá (Paraná), the 60-pound bag of soybean available was marketed by R $75.00, which represented a high of 1.35% over the last quote. All prices are FOB (Free On Board-export contract with internal transport costs included to the loading of the ship). "The general climate scenario FUNDAMENTALS to South America has been quite unusual since the beginning of the season of the harvest 2017/18. With rain delays in the Midwest and Northeast Brazil in October and the recent lack of significant rain over Argentina, has increased the Market's concern about the development of soybeans, corn and wheat. However, the ARC points out that any climate threat is observed, and that only uncertainties are lifted, "said the consulting firm AgResource. The updated projections of the Australian Meteorological Service bring a formation of La Niña for December, January and February, "If confirmed, La Niña can achieve such climate threats, mainly in central Argentina and in the far south of Brazil. This climatic phenomenon features more scarce rainfall to such regions, which may decrease the productive potential of crops of summer ".
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