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Tereos confirms cane crop forecasting and terminating earlier with milling 2%

Activities in November, earlier than in the previous year, confirms the projection made in October by a Director of the company. In a statement, the Tereos reported that the mix of production in the current season was 62,5% for sugar and 37,5% to ethanol, but did not reveal how much each produced. With seven plants in the Northwest of the State of São Paulo, the company recorded this year an average of 11.9 tons of sugar per hectare, high 11% compared to the average of 2016/17, which was 10.7 t/ha. Agricultural productivity ranked 84 tons of sugarcane per hectare, compared with 78 t/ha in the past, while the level of Total Recoverable Sugar (ATR) grew to 141 4% kg per ton of raw material processed. "In addition to the favorable climate, the good result is due to the improvement of our agricultural processes, better use of varieties and application of technology and precision agriculture," he said in a statement the Director of Brazil Region of the Group Tereos, Jacyr Costa Filho. While the grinding of all the plants of the South Central must register a fall of almost 4% in the season, the Group managed to raise the 2% processing, said the company. Second the Tereos, the beginning of the crop showed above-average rainfall. In the period from June to August, however, the region registered a volume 92% less rainfall before 2016, contributing to a greater concentration of sucrose. For the next harvest, the 2018/19, the Tereos plans to raise the total capacity of the milling group to 23 million tons, from 22 million today, thanks to investments in Tanabi Plant, located in the municipality of São Paulo.
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