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WHEAT: Russia is key 2017/18 season prices

"To understand the wheat market at the moment, more than looking at Chicago or to the United States and Europe, one must look at the situation in Russia, as she became the world's largest exporter of the product and your prices are unbeatable in the international market". The statement is by Luiz Fernando Pacheco, analyst of Wheat Flour & Consulting. The expert recalls that Russia is the main supplier of wheat to Egypt, winning virtually all bids: "despite strong demand from importers and increase in Russian exports of wheat to Africa, the increase in prices of wheat exports from Russia is locked the large supply of this commodity on the market, along with the global trends of lower ". According to him, as the largest factor of influence on prices in the international market, Russia can make the market fluctuate much. "As she has a volume (right) greater wheat for export this year (32.5 MT, against 27, 82MT of the last harvest, according to the USDA'S November) would be very interesting for MERCOSUR that she he exports the largest volume possible before December," says Pacheco. The rivers, railways and Russian river ports freeze and its exports decrease in the period between December and February. If you can sell before, will do less competition to Argentina from March, when the neighbors of Mercosur can export more and reduce their inventories, improving prices for the entire block. "If Russia keep a large volume to Board between March and July, the prices of the country could push international prices, including those of Brazil, per table with Argentina. One must take into account that Russia does not export only wheat, but also corn, barley, rye and other grains and all are disposed of by the same ports, so that the dispute over Windows will be great. This year the total being exported must be 44.5 MT, against 37, 7MT last year, according to the SovEcon consultancy ", concludes the T&F analyst.
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