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Average adjustment in the accounts of the CEEE-D will be of 30.62%

As was expected since it was postponed, in the month of November, the readjustment of the State Company of electrical distribution (CEEE-D) will have a strong impact in the pockets of customers of the dealership. The National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) approved yesterday, an increase of average of 30.62% effect for consumers of the Distributor, and the reflection to customers of high voltage (industry) will be of 33.54%; the average for low voltage, 29.29%; and, for the residential, 29.33%. The percentages should take effect from tomorrow, when should be published in the Official Gazette (GIVE). The State will not be entitled to charge retroactively. The readjustment of the company was to enter into force on 22 November, but delayed correction of Aneel rates due to the fact that the concessionaire be delinquent at the time with charges of electricity sector. The debt, of about $600 million, R was on topics such as energy from Itaipu, energy development account (CDE) and programme to encourage alternative energy sources (Proinfa). According to the Rapporteur of the readjustment process, the Director of Aneel Reive Barros dos Santos, on 18 December, it was checked for bad debt of the electricity sector and there was no registration of debts of distribuidora gaúcha. According to Aneel technical note, part of this high increase is justified because of the "removal of the financial components considered in the annual rate to 2016". Added that factors such as the costs of energy generation and transport, that make the development of light accounts of CEEE-D reaches a plateau so high this year. The President of Grupo CEEE, Paul of Tarsus Pinheiro Machado, commented earlier that these "financial" components that have been removed concerning issues involving the CVA-compensation account of variation of values of "A" parcel items (costs that are beyond the will or dispensing management). The CVA logs the variation between the annual tariff adjustments, of part of the cost of distributing items, such as the purchase of electricity from the Itaipu power plant and some tariff charges of electricity sector. The Director-General of Aneel, Romeo Rufino, adds that this is some sort of realignment of cost estimates. Last year, the State had an average reduction of its rates in the order of 16.28%. The Manager argues that, considered in isolation, the current readjustment is expressive. But the last two patches of light accounts, is not something so high. In addition, Rufino points out that the tariffs of the EEC-D are at levels similar to those of the other two major distributors Gaucho, GER and GER South. CEEE-D serves approximately 1.5 million consumer units, in 72 municipalities, whose electricity consumption currently represents annual revenues in the order of R $3 billion. Consumer representative admits ' fright ' Vice President of Consumer Council of CEEE-D, Thômaz Nunnenkamp, stresses that an increase as high, at first. For Nunnenkamp, lacked a little by the State communication to prepare their clients. The Vice President of the Consumer Council points out that much of the increase not going into the coffers of the CEEE-D, responsible for energy distribution, but will be aimed at generating and transmitting electricity companies. "But for those who will get 30% from my pocket to pay the light Bill, it doesn't help," he concludes. The average effect of high voltage adjustment refers to classes A1 (voltage greater than or equal to 230 kV), A2 (from 88 to 138 kV), A3 (69 kV) and A4 (from 2.3 to 25 kV). For low voltage, the average includes classes B1 (residential and low-income residential subclass); B2 (rural: subclasses, such as agriculture, rural electrification cooperative, rural industry, rural irrigation public service); B3 (industrial, commercial, services and other activities, public authorities, public services, and own consumption); and B4 (street lighting).
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