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Bill must have relief tariff yellow flag in the summer, says ONS

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters)-the accounts should have a light relief from January, when the charge generated by the tariff should fall flags before December, due to more favourable rains in the region of dams in the early summer, said in this Tuesday the Director-General of the National Electric System Operator (ONS), Luiz Eduardo Barata. He said to journalists that the summer should start with flag yellow tariff, which generates extra cost of 1 real to each 100 kilowatts-hour consumed, against actual 3 tariff level 1 red flag, in December. But the Director of ONS said see little chance of flag green tariff, which does not generate additional charges and is thrown when supply of energy generation is more favorable. "During this period (summer) ... I'd say it's difficult for (the tariff flag) reaches the Green, it must be because the yellow National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) changed the rules of establishment of the flag," said Roach. The amendments approved by Aneel in late October cause now the level of the reservoirs of hydroelectric plants has a greater influence on the definition of the tariff flag. According to Roach, the rains have enabled the recovery of Lakes of the plants, but these should not yet return to "normality" in 2018, which would facilitate the green flag. He assessed that in the Southeast, where are the main reservoirs, the water plants should close April with between 40% and 51% of the ability, in the best-case scenario, compared to 20,67% currently. In October and November, in the midst of a frame with unfavourable rains, the flags came to the Red level tariff level 2, the most critical, that generates the largest additional cost to consumers.
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