terça-feira, 05 de dezembro, 2017

Dollar closes down below R $3.25

The dollar closed down on Monday (4) with the market still cautious with the capacity of the Government of President Michel Temer of getting enough political support to try to vote on pension reform in the House of representatives this year. The dollar retreated 0.29%, R $3.2471 on sale, after accumulating high 0.75% last week, stopping three straight weeks of fall by fears with the foresight. Part of the market still believed in the possibility of pension reform being passed in the House in the first round later this year. Last night, Fear met with party leaders to try to get political support. "The market has not yet thrown in the towel (on the pension reform), believes he can pass something, but the scene is unstable," said Reuters Group's Exchange operator Ourominas Ademar Vitor Pereira. The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), said on Monday that he hopes to know by Wednesday (6) or Thursday (7) if it has the necessary votes to vote on welfare reform next week. The expectation of Maia's vote the project still in December. The Central Bank sold in this section all offer up to 14000 traditional foreign exchange swaps-equivalent to the future sale of dollars, for scrolling of contracts that expire in January. That way, I've rolled $ $1.4 billion of the total $ $9.638 billion which expire next month. Earlier in the day, the external scenario did some high pressure on the dollar, which reached a maximum in 3.2633 session, after the U.S. Senate approved tax reform proposal over the weekend. The reform gives impetus to the growth of the United States, while it can increase public debt and put pressure on the Federal Reserve, the country's central bank, to raise interest rates further. In this scenario, funds invested today in other financial centres, such as the brazilian, could migrate to the world's largest economy. On Friday (1), the dollar fell 0.46 percent, sold the R $3.2567. Last week, the currency has risen by 0.75%.
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