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Dollar rises 1% and R$3,27 with fear-mongering about social security

SAO PAULO (Reuters)-the dollar closed with high of almost 1% this Thursday, on the landing of 3.27 dollars, repeating the movement of the eve with the market increasingly precificando the Government of President Michel Temer won't be able to approve pension reform soon. The dollar advanced 0,97%, 3.2716 in sale, closing November practically stable, with a slight fall of 0, 4%. Since last August, the U.S. currency accumulates high of almost 5%. The dollar rose about future of 0,50% in the late afternoon. In the month until last Tuesday, when the market was more optimistic that it would be possible to vote on the pension reform, the dollar accumulated a fall of 1,96%, but the investors ' mood soured with the signs of lack of political support, considered essential to put the country's public accounts in order. "The increasing uncertainty about the vote on the pension reform in the House of representatives this year tends to keep local investors on the defensive", brought the Advanced Brokerage in a report. The day before, investors began to reduce your optimism about the possibility of vote of the reform after the Minister of the Civil House, Eliseu Padilha, said that the Government saw no more possibility to make new concessions in the current text. The Minister said that the PSDB had left the Allied base of the Government. It was just the perception that the caption would help Fear taking the reform of paper that held the good mood of the markets in recent days. "The faithful of the scale being the PSDB. The party has a big weight and ended up generating a problem to the Government, "said the Chief Economist of Infinity, Manager Jason Vieira. On Thursday, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), said that the proposed pension reform is "very far" from the 308 votes needed for approval in the House. "There is also a small space for the dollar (around current levels) in the coming days. But everything changes so fast, "said the Superintendent of Correparti Broker, Ricardo gatchalian. "If you don't approve, (the dollar) can go to real 3.40", he added. With this scenario more tense in the next few days, the market has already prepared to back the Central Bank's foreign exchange market to roll the currency swaps contracts that resemble the future sale of dollars, which are due in January, worth the equivalent of 9.638 billion dollars. In November and December, there were no salaries and, therefore, the Central Bank stayed out of the market. Currently, according to the Monetary Authority, the total stock of swaps was in 23.794 billion dollars. "The Central Bank must act quickly because the volume is great and also to get a focus of tension," said the Manager of the Bank's Exchange Ourinvest, Bruno Foresti.
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