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Electrical components for energy sector provides for resumption in 2018

The electrical components sector for generation, transmission and distribution (GTD) provides for the resumption of projects in 2018, which should result in an improvement of about 10% of revenues, the Brazilian Association of electrical and Electronics Industry (Abinee). The expectation of the entity is the thread reaches a turnover of RS $17.981 billion next year, before a retraction of 1% observed in 2017 before 2016. "The industry still lives the reflections of the Government Dilma Rousseff, frustrated auction, that there was no replacement of orders," said the President of Abinee, Humberto Barbato. Another factor that undermined the industry's revenues in 2017 was the filing for reorganization of the Spanish company Abengoa, which had all its concessions, which included nine transmission lines, cancelled by the national electricity Agency (Aneel). In this way, the Government will need to relicitar all those batches. Among them was the transmission line that will drain the power generated at the plant of Belo Monte, rio Xingu (PA), to the Northeast, with length of about 1,800 km, granted in 2012 and that should have been completed since last year. Without this work, Belo Monte power generation is compromised by lack of technical conditions of disposal. According to the Advisor of the GTD area of Abinee, Roberto Barbieri, over R $1 billion are no longer billed by the industry this year, despite of the equipment has been manufactured. "This year, in particular, had problems with the cancellation [granting] of Abengoa and also of the few auctions of the last three to four years. In addition to the effects of descontratados auctions, "Barbieri says. According to him, an increase of 10% for 2018 is "very possible" and may be even higher with a possible resumption more consistent economic activity. "Just this year broadcast auctions will help in the recovery," he added. In April, were awarded 31 of 35 lots tendered, generating a total of RS $12.7 billion, which begin to be invested from next year. On Friday (15), a new event is scheduled, that could generate more R $8.8 billion in contributions, provides the Aneel. In the area of generation, on 18 and 20 December new auctions for delivery in four to six years will be held. Barbieri reinforces that, faced with the prospect of high demand for wind and solar sources, orders to industry already beginning in 2018. Consolidated balance sheet, the electronics industry has taken over the physical production in 2017, after a cumulative fall of 33% between 2014 and 2016. For this year, the estimate is an expansion of 5 percent before 2016. This increase, however, was boosted by electronics area, with a high of 20%, while 6% electric retreated. The highlights this year were the areas of Informatics and telecommunications, with developments, respectively, 8% and 10%. According to Abinee, with consultancy IDC information, within the computer segment notebook production recorded a growth of 21% in 2017 before 2016, to 3,436,000. Considering PCs (desktops and laptops) more tablets, the expansion was a little more modest, in 4%, but reversed the fall of 32% from last year. For 2018, the expectation is for an increase of 6%, leading the segment to record a turnover of Rs $24.270 billion. In telecommunications, the market was driven by the performance of mobile phones, with an increase of 17% of the revenue, while the infrastructure segment shrank by 5%. Only in smartphones this year, an increase of 12% on the official market, with a total of 48,560,000 units. Next year, the expectation is that the telecommunications segment grow 7%, for a turnover of R $34.819 billion. Job recovery in the sector generated an increase of the net balance of employees at 4400 this year, raising the quota to 237,200 workers. Even so, the numbers are well down from 2013, which was of 308,600. In relation to the impacts of labor reform, Barbato says it will be positive for the increase in vacancies, especially in 2018. "The environment is already better, but we still feel the positive effects in the future," he says.
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