sexta-feira, 15 de dezembro, 2017

PAPAYA/CEPEA: Hawaii's Price more than doubles in Espírito Santo and in the South of Bahia

Piracicaba, 15-quotations of Hawaii papaya shoot in regions accompanied by Grocery/Cepea this week (11 to 15/12). The average of the regions in the North of Espírito Santo and the South of Bahia, the variety was sold at r $1.18/kg, 120% higher than the value of the week. According to employees, the result was influenced by the decrease in the volume – in addition to the expected finalization of curls, which also increased the fruit girls, rainy climate variety producing regions slowed the ripening and affected the quality. At Ceagesp, the increase in values was less significant due to the accumulation of fruit in the period, being sold for $17.25/PK of 8 kg, high of 40% on the week. As the end of the year can be marked by restricted demand, new valuations of papaya can be limited, despite the forecast of continued drop in volume produced.
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