sexta-feira, 24 de fevereiro, 2017

GRAPE/CEPEA: crude oil rises with restricted harvest in SP

24-Piracicaba, some varieties of grape paulista began to introduce minor volume this week (20 to 24/02), the result of a smaller harvest. Producers of São Miguel Arcanjo (SP) consulted by Grocery/Cepea stated that the harvest of niagara (rustic) is almost over, causing higher prices. Within a few days, the fruit of "normal" will end up pruning and harvesting begins in March of green pruning. Rustic variety prices were to average $2.80/kg this week, 16% higher than the previous one. However, the very warm climate has affected the production of the municipality and also of Pilar do Sul (SP). The niagara is not maturing properly and some lots are still wilting in the bunch. The Ruby variety also has presented problems in quality – the weather wreaks havoc on coloring and, consequently, sales are harmed-and ends up losing space for benitaka, which has intense color and sharply higher sales. The average price of Ruby in Blairstown was r $3,40/kg this week, 10.5% lower than the benitaka.
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