quinta-feira, 23 de março, 2017

Government reduces GDP growth forecast to 0.5% in 2017

The Ministry of Finance has reduced your growth forecast of the gross domestic product (GDP) to 0.5%, half the previous estimate (1%). For 2018, the folder designed expansion of activity at 2.5%. The projection for inflation was below the center of the goal, with a high of 4.3% of the IPCA this year – the previous forecast of growth of 4.7%. For 2018, the estimate for inflation is 4.5%. The last review of the numbers had been made by the Government at the end of November, but without mention of 2018. The new data for 2017, however, have not been updated for the Annual Budget Law (LOA), which also has estimated growth of 1.6 percent this year. Now, the expectation for GDP this year went on to be in line with the high of 0.48% GDP expected by the market, according to research Focus, held by the Central Bank along with several economists. The significant difference of more than 1 percentage point between the number that served as the basis for the LOA and the projection for GDP disclosed on Wednesday by farm tracks the impact should be felt in the storeroom. Lower inflation also should give a negative contribution in this regard. The central goal for the advance of prices in the economy in 2017 is a 4.5% on IPCA tolerance of 1.5 percentage point up or down. The numbers corroborate the need for contingency in the budget this year in order to fulfill the goal of primary deficit of 139 billion reais to the central Government. This announcement must be made by the Government on Wednesday.
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