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With cellulose in low, balance of trade closes with 25% drop in MS

The trade balance of Mato Grosso do Sul came back to close with negative balance in the month of February. According to the Ministry of industry, Trade and services (Mdic), last month, the State market recorded revenues of $288,775,000, which corresponds to a fall of 25% ($ 382.427 mi) compared to the same period last year. Contributed to this result, mainly, the behavior of cellulose, today flagship State trade balance, with participation of over 20% between the main items exported. According to the scale in the first quarter of this year, Mato Grosso do Sul has exported $580,194,000 in products, 17.21% less compared to the same period in 2016, when they were exported US $700,822,000. Among the five most exported products in the State, the pulp is that presented greater fall. From January to February this year, the sector''s industries recorded gross income of $159,198,000 with the input, the equivalent to 25.99% less compared to the first quarter of 2016, when revenues reached $215,113,000 with the outdoor market. Even with the fall, the input remains in the lead among the products most exported, with the participation of 27.44% on balance of trade. At the other end, soya, which currently appears in the second position of the ranking, registered an increase of 119.5% in exports in this start to the year. Between January and February, the state exported the equivalent of $114,496,000 of the grain, while, in the same period last year, with export sales of grain stood at $52,064,000. Among the top five items of the scale, also recorded high cane sugar exports, which closed the quarter with revenues of $87.429 mi (+88.15% over the same period last year); and chicken into pieces, revenues of US $43,015,000 (+45.64%). Boneless beef was 2.12% drop compared to the previous quarter, closing the quarter with revenue of $48.586 mi.
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