terça-feira, 11 de abril, 2017

ATR AL: cumulative net price rises 0.56% in March

The Union of sugar and alcohol in Alagoas (Sindaçúcar) released the values of ATR (Total Recoverable Sugar) of the States of Alagoas and Sergipe in the month of March. The value of the accumulated liquid ATR closed the month at R$ against R$ 0.7613 0.7570 February high of 0.56%. The net cumulative standard cane also had appreciation of 0.56% in the comparison between the months, quoted at 86.8567 against R$ R$ 86.3661 recorded in the previous month. The raw value of 0.56% to-date was released. The price was quoted at 0.7792 R$ in March against February 0.7748 R$. The value of the ATR monthly net closed the month at R$ against R$ 0.7830 0.7748 of February, up 0.45 percent. The net value standard cane closed at 89.3325 against R$ R$ 84.5749 recorded in the previous month, recovery of 5.62%. The gross was quoted at R$ against R$ 0.7588 0.8014, an increase of 5.61%. In Alagoas and Sergipe, the index standard cane is 114.09 R$ pounds of ATR per tonne of cane.
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