sexta-feira, 28 de abril, 2017

Dollar closes with slight high for caution with pension reform

São Paulo – the dollar finished Thursday with a slight high before the real, with investors cautious over the progress of welfare reform and signs of trouble for the Government getting enough votes to approve the matter in Congress. The dollar advanced 0,28%, 3.1820 in sale, amassing in three trading sessions in a row 1,77% recovery. In the day''s minimum, scored the maximum real 3.1567, real 3.1894. The dollar future had 0,30% high. The Chamber of Deputies approved last night by 296 votes to 177, labour reform, on the eve of a general strike and demonstrations provided for, but the score didn''t bring tranquility to the Government on the future of social security proposal, a key player in economic recovery agenda and you need 308 votes in the House. "The general strike is making many investors stay cautious, which translates to dollar purchases", summed up the operator of a local broker. The formation of end-of-month Ptax rate goal several contracts, Exchange also contributed to the high pressure of the dollar against the real. Abroad, the American coin operated with high light from a basket of currencies, but ceded before emerging currencies, such as the Mexican peso. The Central Bank made another traditional foreign exchange swap auction – equivalent to the future sale of dollars – and sold in full to 15,785 offer contracts, completing the total of salaries may scroll, the equivalent of 6.389 billion dollars. In June, according to data from BC, win the equivalent of 4.435 billion dollars in swap. The total stock was slightly less than the 18 billion dollars.
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