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Dollar goes below R$3,10 with relief on the political scene after TSE

São Paulo – the dollar closed down and went back down to 3.10 Reals on Tuesday, with investors relieved with the political scene after the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) to postpone the trial of the plate-winner of Dilma fear 2014 presidential elections. The dollar retreated to 3.0978 real 0,55%, on sale, lowest level since 22 March (3.0957 dollars), after hitting 3.0928 in the day''s minimum dollar future had low of about 0,60% in the late afternoon. "The market worked with the expectation that (the trial) would be postponed, but the worse could happen," said the Chief Operating Officer of Brokerage Mirae, Pablo Spyer. "Without that pressure, the flow on time just pulling the coin (North American) down," he added. Most Ministers of the TSE decided to hear four more people in the trial of the plate Dilma-Fear and grant, after the statements that still have no date, new deadline of five days for the parties to present a closing argument, result in line with the wishes of the Planalto Palace to postpone, as much as possible, the outcome of the case. The fear of the market is that the Government of President Michel Temer get more hostage to political negotiations to approve major reforms in Congress, particularly the welfare, considered essential to put the country''s public accounts in order. "The market is cautious, but ... expects Fear continue and move forward with the reforms," commented earlier exchange brokerage analyst Fair, José Roberto Carrera. In the morning, the dollar was traded at an all-time high, reaching maximum 3.1378 session reais, with investors preferring to adopt caution before the trial of the TSE and following the U.S. currency''s behavior on other currencies of emerging countries. "High in the morning was a combination of outside and defensive move. Market created a FAT to burn and she did, "said the operator of a local broker. The Central Bank intervention in the foreign exchange market announced for this auction. In may, win 6.389 billion in traditional foreign exchange swap, equivalent to the future sale of dollars.
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