quarta-feira, 19 de abril, 2017

Dollar rises 0.29% with correction movement

São Paulo – the dollar closed at high against real on Tuesday, with the correction movement after having gone to the home of 3.08 reais in the slightest and attract importers, and investors '' fears that the pension reform may suffer even more changes and lose efficiency in fiscal adjustment in the country. The dollar advanced 0,29%, real 3.1134 on sale, after reaching real 3.0882 in the slightest. The day before, the U.S. currency had already fallen more than 1%. The dollar future had high of about 0,50% in the late afternoon. "The dollar below actual 3.09 attracted buyers," said the Superintendent of Correparti Broker, Ricardo gatchalian. For most of the trading session, the U.S. currency worked in low before the actual external scenario and influenced with positive expectations about the passage of the pension reform, especially after the Government closed according to the Allied base for several changes in the original proposal. However, a strong manifestation of cops in front of the National Congress in the afternoon against the pension reform, considered essential to put the country''s public accounts in order, turn the yellow light in the markets. "(The demonstration) against reform also influenced on the dollar, since it puts pressure on the congressmen," commented the Advanced operator, Alessandro Faganello, noting that that could mean new changes in the text. The final text of pension reform was practically closed on Tuesday, depending on little details that will be agreed by the Government with the Allied base, and provides for minimum age for retirement for women and different workers and less time to receive full retirement contribution to which each is entitled. The opinion by Mr Arthur Oliveira Maia (PPS-BA), Rapporteur of the theme, will be read the next morning in the Special Commission. The Central Bank sold in this session the whole lot up to 16000 traditional foreign exchange swap contracts, equivalent to the future sale of dollars. With that, I went down 1.6 billion dollars of the total 6.389 billion dollars which are due in May.
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