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INCC-M stays in-0.08% in April compared with 0.36% in March, reveals FGV

The National construction cost Index – market (INCC-M) took 0.08% deflation in April, with deceleration of the rate recorded in March (0.36%), released on Wednesday, 26, the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV). The materials, equipment and services group presented a negative variation of 0.18% this month, after advancing 0.26 percent in March. Already the index relating to manpower was stable compared to the past month (0.45%). Of the seven capital cities analyzed, six showed a deceleration of the indicator in the passage of March to April: Brasilia (0.07% to -0.15%), Belo Horizonte (2.36% to -0.12%), Recife (0.04% to 0.03%), Rio de Janeiro (0.08% to -0.04%), Porto Alegre (0.06% to 0.00%) and São Paulo (0.18% to -0.16%). On the other hand, the INCC-M only accelerated in the period in Salvador (0.02% to 0.22%). The deflation of the materials, equipment and services group in April ( -0.18%, up from 0.26% in March) contributed to the negative rate of the INCC-M this month. Within the segment, the two groups also had deflation. The index corresponding to the materials and equipment fell to 0.21%, after high of 0.24% in March, with emphasis on materials for structure, whose rate went from-0.08% to -0.67%. In part, there was fall of 0.07% 0.32% rise in the previous month and the most significant influence came from the deceleration of service fees and licenses, whose rate fell from 1.19% to 0.16%. The labor group, the variance was zero in April after 0.45% in March. Among the biggest individual influences of the INCC-M April are rods and wires of carbon steel (0.64% to -3.25%), ordinary portland cement (even though deflation fell from 1.72% -1.44-%), rental of machinery and equipment (0.06% to -0.64%), projects ( -0.11% to -0.36%) and elevator (1.37% to -0.24%). Already among the biggest influences of high are wooden frames (despite the deceleration of 1.29% to 0.91%), wooden doors and Windows (despite the rate have varied from 1.87% to 1.37% between the two periods), 3rd (0.35% to 1.76%), transport (0.30% Valley to 0.58%) and electrical materials (0.08% to 0.76%). The INCC-M is calculated on the basis of the prices collected from 21 the previous month and 20 of the reference month.
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