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Mining launches resumed with promise of signings

At the beginning of last year, a ton of iron ore cost about $40. Now, it''s between $85 and $90. The value is an indication that the year will be much better for mining. So far, the investments are in the realm of expectations, and the jobs, in the field of promises. However, there is already a strong movement among suppliers of jail signaling that has fire, and not just smoke. Are more budget requests for services, along with business executives, signings give strong clues that the resumption of the sector began. After 1 2016 with virtually no service, the partner of the company of maintaining mining machinery and equipment Transparts Márcio Lacôrte begins to see signs of improvement. Last year, a mining company of Bahia, to whom he rendered services had serious problems, but, even without receiving, he decided to keep the provision. "They work in an underground mine, copper and rain flooded the equipment. Even without receiving, decided to continue providing, took care to pay for the logistics of the machines from Bahia to Minas. Was a risky bet in a year desaquecido. But, now, the company was bought by a Canadian, came back to invest. Are you paying late, and got a big contract, "says Lacôrte, who wiped the headcount from 60 to 8:00 pm 2016. "Some companies have asked budget last year came back to us. A railway company also requested budget, which is a good sign, because if you are investing in the railroad, is because there''s iron ore to be transported, "says. Renato Tameirão owns the RT, which sells pipes, connections, plates and several pieces of iron and steel. In 2016, almost no work, but now you see the scenery change. "The mining companies are starting to give the air of grace. I haven''t signed any contract, but the volume of quote requests doubled over the same period last year, "he says. The demand for managers in the area is another indication of resumption. Tameirão, for example, worked for 28 years in the management of supplies from a large mining company. "I have received emails from recruitment companies calling to check," he says. Although investments are just in the phase of ads-as, for example, the expectation for resumption of Samarco''s operations and the reopening of the mine Morro do Ipê, in Brumadinho and Igarapé –, the hiring of executives are already reality. "Just in these first three months, the amount of slots offered to managerial levels in the mining segment grew by 66% over the same period last year," says the Managing Director of the company specialised in management of human capital Upside Group Bruno da Matta Machado. "We had a two-year low. But we''re seeing the industry get back to equip people for a restructuring. On the factory floor, the generation of jobs usually comes later, when the level of production increases, "he explains. Remuneration is 24% higher now the mining industry came back to stand out in the offer of slots, and, according to the Managing Director of Upside Group Bruno da Matta Machado, the remuneration is average 24% higher in relation to 2016. "Companies have made a process of '' juniorização '' because they were minors. This begins to change, because they need to go back to hire senior managers, "says Machado. According to him, the current offering is for positions as Director of operations, General Manager, Vice President of geology and exploration, production and safety engineer and supervisor work of dam. Weight of mines. Based on data from the Brazilian Mineral Yearbook, released in 2016, Minas Gerais accounts for 48% of all mineral production marketed in Brazil. Global demand also grew the mining Affairs Director of the Brazilian mining Institute (Ibram), Marcelo Ribeiro Tunes, recalls that in 2016, the price of a tonne of iron ore reached $38.50. Today, at $85, the trend is a good year. In addition to prices, pulled by an increase in global demand, other indicators signal recovery from mining. "This year, the international mining Exhibition (Exposibram) will take place in September, in Belo Horizonte. We''re not even promoting, but we''ve sold 60% of the stands, "said Tunis. Besides the return of demand from China, he recalls that other countries have bought iron ore, such as Indonesia and India. "Even if you don''t buy directly from us, end up making room to sell Brazil. We''re off the bottom and we''re chalking up slowly, but consistently, "he says. Participation of Minas (2015). 67 total bi R$ mineral production marketed in the country. R$ bi 32.8 total mineral production marketed by mines
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