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Price readjustment of the pig alive worries pig farmers of MT

Mato-grossenses pig farmers are concerned with losses caused by the increase in the price of live pig''s tariff, that focuses on the tax on circulation of Goods and services (ICMS) of the exports made by the producers of Mato Grosso. Since March 20, the day the index has changed from R$ to R$ 3.20 4.74, an increase of 46% of the tax paid by pig farmers. For the Association of Pig Breeders of Mato Grosso (Acrismat), the previous value was considered satisfactory. According to the President of Acrismat, Edwin Teixeira, the current value is exorbitant, many producers have recorded losses and the entity including sent a letter to the Secretary of State of Mato Grosso farm (Sefaz-MT) requesting that the increase be reconsidered. "The review is of urgent character and of utmost importance, so that we can make the output of swine live out of State. The price paid in pound for pig alive decreased, the average closed at 3.69 R$ value in last quote (20/March), and the forecast is for more fall for the next few days, and may reach 3.40 3.50 to R$ levels. For the next few weeks, the situation is even more bleak, after outbreak of Operation weak flesh, the livestock production chain in the country may collapse, researchers point to the biggest crisis in history, threatening the national economy, "he says. Another charged by pig farmers is the review of the price of Housing type array (no head and no feet) KG. "The item in question refers to an array of disposal, female with age more advanced than the average days of animals going to slaughter. In practice, the value of housing type array is approximately 30% less than the export type casting (whose value was quoted at 6.70 on last week), "explains Edwin. In this scenario the Acrismat also requires next to the revision of the Sefaz price of housing type tariff array, currently in R$ 7.82, and the approximate value that matches the reality is R$ 4.69. Taheri emphasizes the importance of the swine for the economy of Mato Grosso. There are today in the State and arrays 143,200, whereas for every 40 of them occupies a sector direct worker, pig farming generates over 3,580,000 direct jobs and other almost 10,740,000 indirect, totaling more than 14,000 people to industry development.
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