terça-feira, 25 de abril, 2017

The trade balance has accumulated surplus of $19 bi until April

The brazilian trade balance recorded a surplus of US $1.769 billion in the third week of April, which had only four working days. The surplus resulted from $4.32 billion in exports and $2.551 billion in imports. In the month, the surplus of the trade balance is at $5.189 billion. In the year, the surplus sum $19.6 billion. The information has been disclosed today (24) by the Ministry of industry, Trade and services. The Ministry pointed out that the average exports from the third week ($ 1.08 billion) was 11% above average until the second week ($ 973.1 million). The reason was the growth in shipments of the three categories of products sold by the country abroad. The basic product sales grew in all, 13.4% in function mainly of crude oil, iron ore, soybean meal, chicken meat, live cattle and coffee beans. Manufactured exports have recorded high of 11.9%, due mainly to aircraft, passenger cars, flexible tubes of iron or steel, fuel oils, aviation engines and turbines and refined sugar. For the semimanufactured goods high was lower, of 0.4%, caused by iron and steel semimanufactured goods, raw aluminum, iron alloys, and copper cathodes. Imports in the case of imports, the high was 7.5% as compared to the same comparative period (average of the third week, $637,800,000 on average until the second week, to $593.1 million), mainly by increased explained in spending with electrical and electronic equipment, motor vehicles and parts, organic and inorganic chemicals, optical and precision instruments and steel-making.
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