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Conab negotiates 100% corn options in operation to support the producers of MT

São PAULO/CUIABÁ (Reuters)-the national supply company (Conab) negotiated on Thursday 100% of 7,400 selling option contracts of corn to the Government, in a volume equivalent to about 200,000 tons, in which mark the beginning of federal government support for producers of Mato Grosso, who deal with low prices on the expectation of a record harvest. The premium for the contract dispute at auction was high, Conab 91,18%, showing the interest of farmers in the main grain producer State of Brazil, where prices are below the minimum established by the Government. Option contracts, producers will have until 11 September this year to confirm what will the right to sell the product to Conab 17.87 value real 60 kg bag of maize yields 2016/17 and 2017. In some regions of Mato Grosso, prices are below the minimum guarantee of the Government, to 16.50 reais. In addition to the auction, farmers have negotiated on Thursday 82% grant contracts to the corn market offered by the Government in an auction of prizes known as Prepo Hill, in which the equalization is paid to farmers or cooperatives. In total, had been offered, in this first auction of genre this season, prizes for 200,000 tons of cereal. The Government has negotiated 164,100 tons with Prepo Hill, in an operation that moved 7,800,000 reais. The operation, which should help in the liquidity of a market that is virtually paralyzed, tends to boost Brazil''s exports. "The auctions are important because the corn market is very desaquecido. Auctions allow the market moving again, "said the Manager of the agricultural policy Aprosoja industry association, Frederick Azevedo e Silva. But the Manager pondered the prize in some regions may not compensate the producer properly. In another similar auction, but Pep (Award for the flow), in which the subsidy is paid to the buyer of corn, there was only trading volume 9,6% offered initially, of 200,000 tons. "The result of the auction for PEP may indicate that the awards were low relative to the expectation of marketing that existed," said Silva. He said she hoped that the Government promote other auctions, Pep and Prepo Hill "in a short space to which the producer may be remunerated for his activity". The federal Government previously announced 800 million reais to support mechanisms for producers of corn, which indicates new auctions soon.
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