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Electric bills are still red flag in may

BRASILIA-The electric bills will continue with the red flag in the month of May. The decision was announced on Friday, 28, by the national electricity Agency (Aneel). With the red flag in your first level, will be added R$ 3.00 every 100 kilowatt-hours (kWh) consumed. The system of flags is updated monthly by the regulator, which assesses the situation of the reservoirs around the country to make a decision. "As the sign for consumption is red, consumers should make efficient use of electrical energy and combat waste," said Aneel. It is the second consecutive month in which there is a red flag. The appeal was raised throughout the year of 2015 and in the months of January and February 2016. From then on, the monthly bills swayed between green and yellow flags. The red flag has two levels of recovery. When the cost of thermal power plants connected overcomes 422.56 R$ per megawatt-hour (MWh), Aneel uses the first landing of the red flag, which adds between R$ 3.00 each 100 kWh consumed. If the cost of these power plants is more than R$ per MWh 610.00, the system reaches the second level of the red flag, whose addition is R$ 3.50 each 100 kWh. In March, ran the yellow flag, which adds R$ 2.00 for every 100 kWh consumed. From December to February, had lasted the green flag, with no additional charge on your electric bill.
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