quarta-feira, 24 de maio, 2017

Tomato: increase in offer depreciates tomato

The tomato salad quotes long life had sharp drop last week in the main Brazilian attack. According to researchers at the Grocery/Cepea, the high temperatures in the squares in producing part of the period accelerated the ripening of the fruit, which increased the offer of variety. In addition, the crop of winter intensified and demand decreased, due to the proximity of the end of the month, which reduces the purchasing power of the consumer. Between 15 and 19 may, the tomato salad long life 3A averaged $43,80/20 kg cx in Ceagesp (37.56% drop compared to the week before), r $45,58/cx in Rio de Janeiro, (31.12%) of r $-45,91/cx in Campinas/SP (-42.10%) and r $38,33/cx (34.63%)-in Belo Horizonte/MG.
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