quinta-feira, 08 de junho, 2017

CCEE: financial settlement of short-term market moves R bi $1.7

SAO PAULO-the financial settlement of the short-term Market (MCP), referring to April 2017, moved $1.73 billion, R R $3.71 billion accounted for, reports on the electric energy trading Chamber (CCEE). The unpaid amount, R $1.64 billion is related to injunctions of GSF on the free market (ACL) and R $340,000,000 represent other values open settlement. According to the CCEE, agents backed by decisions that determine the incidence of regular standards realized a 38% of defaulting again. The officers who already have existing court decisions not to participate in the assessment of default from injunctions of the GSF realized a defaulting again close to 89%. After the implementation of these judgments, the other creditors who do not have agents injunctions relating to apportionment of default received around 4% of. The operation, conducted by CCEE, 5,893 agents involved, with 1,181 debtors and creditors 4,712. The financial settlement of the short-term market represents the settlement of any differences between the energy measure and hired by agents acting within the scope of the CCEE. The debits and credits obtained by the process of accounting for market operations by the Chamber of trade, are valued at the price of settlement of differences (PLD), calculated on a weekly basis.
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