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Dollar closes stable before real, monitoring policy framework

SAO PAULO (Reuters)-the dollar ended Monday virtually stable compared to the real, with investors cautious before another chapter in the political crisis surrounding the President Michel Temer and feeds uncertainties about the progress of reforms, in particular the welfare, in the National Congress. The dollar retreated to 3.2849 real 0, 7%, on sale, once you have reached the maximum of the day real 3.3152. The dollar fell about future of 0,20% in the late afternoon. "The markets are waiting for new developments, even believing that the reform agenda and the policy of fiscal responsibility will not be removed, regardless of Fear continue or not," assessed the Advanced Brokerage in comment. "Still, the indefinite environment generates discomfort," he added. The entrepreneur Joesley Batista, one of the owners of the JBS, said in an interview with Time magazine that fear is head of the "largest and most dangerous criminal organisation of Brazil" and he uses the machine to retaliá him. In response, the President Fear presented this afternoon to justice crime news to render Joesley. The market was also keeping an eye on the complaint to the Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, against Fear, which is already under investigation in the Supreme Court (STF) for crime, among others, passive corruption. "The unwinding of the crisis in Brazil investors more cautious," said the Chief Operating Officer of brokerage Mirae, Pablo Spyer. Amid this environment of uncertainty, the American currency has come to hit the level of 3.31 dollars in day when Max started to attract sellers. The dollar has been trading at around 3.30 reais since last week, with caution on the political landscape. "A little but overall vendor flow, liquidity was lower," commented a professional exchange table a national brokerage. The Brazilian Central Bank sold up to offer full foreign exchange swaps traditional 8200--equivalent to the future sale of dollars--for scrolling of the contracts expire July. With that, I rolled 3.690 billion dollars from 6.939 billion in total WINS next month. Overseas, the dollar had high before a basket of currencies and also against other currencies of emerging countries, as the Mexican peso and the Turkish lira.
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