quarta-feira, 07 de junho, 2017

Dollar ends down with BC, without taking focus from the political scene

São Paulo – after rising in the three previous trading sessions and test the 3.30 level real on Tuesday, the dollar ended the session in the fall, with investors seeing good price to sell, in a movement aided by the back of the Central Bank to exchange market the day the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) starts the trial of Dilma Rousseff plate-Michel Temer. The dollar retreated 0,35%, the actual 3.2765 on sale. To the maximum, scored real and in minimum 3.3025, 3.2730 reais. The future dollar ceded about of 0,65%. "From what we have seen, the dollar has obeyed a 3.25 3.30 the real band," said the operator of broker h. Commcor, Cleber Machado Alessie. This informal band came with the caution of investors on the political scene, after President Michel Temer being severely hit by Snitching to J&F Group executives and be investigated by the Supreme Court (STF) for the crime, among others, passive corruption. The trial of the plate Rousseff-Fear by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), which begins tonight, can culminate in the output of the President. For investors, the important thing is the labor reforms and welfare continue walking in the National Congress. For this reason, investors also worked attentive to vote labour reform on Economic Affairs Commission (CAE) of the Senate, scheduled for this Tuesday. The dollar has come to open up, even with the caution with the political landscape, but when he reached the level of 3.30 dollars, many investors saw good opportunity to sell. The back of the BC to market helped in this movement of fall of the dollar. The Monetary Authority sold in this session 8200 swaps traditional currency-equivalent to the future sale of dollars – for scrolling of the contracts expire July. With that, he rolled the equivalent of 410 million dollars of the total for the month, 6.939 billion dollars. If you keep that pace until the end of the month and sell all the swaps, will scroll the full maturity of July. The scroll of June has also been integral, equivalent to 4.435 billion dollars.
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