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Dollar has slight fall of 0.13% cautiously politics

São Paulo – the dollar closed Wednesday with a slight fall compared with the real, with investors keeping the caution of the last days on the political scene. The facts of the time were the trial of Dilma Rousseff plate-Michel Temer in the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), which went through your day, and approval of the labor reform on Economic Affairs Commission (CAE) of the Senate last night, but by a tight score. The dollar retreated 0,13%, the actual 3.2721 on sale, after fluctuating between 3.2652 and minimum maximum 3.2872 real. The dollar future had slight fall of about 0,20% in the late afternoon. "Even if the approval (of the labor reform) is a breath, the score, in addition to the tight schedule, reaffirms the perception that a final approval won''t be easy," the brokerage firm Coinvalores in report. The CAE approved, by 14 votes to 11 and without amendment, the text of the labour reform, which must still need to go through other committees of the House before heading to the plenary. Immersed in an intense political crisis, the President Fear has mobilized its efforts to advance your economic agenda, including welfare reform, so as to signal to the economic agents to still have breath. Investigated by the Supreme Court (STF) for crimes, among others, passive corruption, Fear also faces another challenge on Justice: the trial of your plate with the former President Dilma, winner in the election of 2014, and that could culminate with the removal of your post. The trial started last night and resumed on Wednesday, ending with the Rapporteur of the case, Minister Benjamin Herman, voting to keep the content of testimony of snitches of Odebrecht in the case. The rest have yet to vote. For the consultancy Eurasia, fear survive the judgment of the TSE, the likelihood of not completing your indents the 30% mandate, front to current 60%. The financial market had been working with the scenario of Fear, but with the reforms coming out of paper yet. Now, began to appear some reviews that the President can complete your mandate, by the end of 2018, which could reduce the political uncertainties. The Central Bank sold up to offer full foreign exchange swaps traditional 8200 – equivalent to the future sale of dollars – for scrolling of the contracts expire July. With that, I rolled 820 million dollars of the total 6.939 billion that WINS next month.
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