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Dollar is stable before real, still monitoring policy framework

SAO PAULO (Reuters)-the dollar closed virtually steady again against real on Thursday, repeating the motion of the day before, with investors awaiting news about the political landscape and the progress of reforms in Congress. The dollar advanced 0, 9%, real 3.3355 on sale. The dollar future had lower light of around 0,10%. The maximum of the day, the U.S. currency hit 3.3510, which ended up attracting sellers stream to take advantage of the higher prices. "Instability will continue until you dissipate the doubts in relation to the reforms," said the operator of Advanced Brokerage Alessandro Faganello. This week, the market got nervous after the Government suffers setback in processing labor reform, which has not been approved by the Social Affairs Commission of the Senate. Although no veto power, the rejection signaled the weakness of Allied base, which can affect the passage of the pension reform, considered essential to putting public accounts in order. The movement of the falling dollar on currencies of emerging countries also held major high in the domestic market in this session. "Objectively, sale between 3.30 and 3.35 reais. From this point, we believe that it is not recommended to sell and wait a few days to check the market. Follow with the yellow light on "alert, recommended clients securities consulting Wagner Investments. The Brazilian Central Bank sold up to offer full foreign exchange swaps traditional 8200--equivalent to the future sale of dollars--for scrolling of the contracts expire July. With that, I rolled 4.920 billion dollars from 6.939 billion in total WINS next month.
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