terça-feira, 06 de junho, 2017

Ethanol has risen in 10 States and the FEDERAL DISTRICT and fell in 16 last week

SÃO PAULO-hydrated ethanol prices at Brazilians have risen in 10 States and the Federal District and fell in 16 last week. Within one month, the share price of product build up high in eight States and the Federal District, fall in 18 and stability in Amapá. The data are from the National Agency of petroleum, Natural gas and biofuels (ANP). In Sao Paulo, the main State producer and consumer, the price fell 1.66 percent on the week, to R $2.317 per liter, and within one month low of 4.14% accumulates. In the week, the biggest breakthrough of the prices was registered in Acre (1.21%), while the biggest setback occurred in Mato Grosso (-3.19%). The monthly high of 3.93%, was in Ceará and the biggest fall was in Mato Grosso (-7.87%). In Brazil, the lowest price recorded for the ethanol was R $1.87 per liter, in São Paulo, and the maximum was R $4.157 per liter, in Rio Grande do Sul. On average, the lowest price was R $2.317 per liter, in São Paulo, and the highest average price was in Amapá, R $3.87 per liter. Competitiveness hydrated ethanol prices remain competitive compared with those of gasoline only in Mato Grosso and Sao Paulo this week, the third consecutive time. In other States and in the Federal District the gasoline is still more advantageous. The data is the ANP. In Mato Grosso, the ethanol is equivalent to 65.07% of the amount charged for the gas, and in Sao Paulo, 68.67%-the relationship is favorable to the biofuel when is below 70%. In Sao Paulo, ethanol was quoted, on average, the R $2.317 per liter this week. Gasoline, R $3.374 per litre.
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