quarta-feira, 21 de junho, 2017

House approves minimum price policy for cargo transport

The Committee on Constitution and justice and citizenship (CCJ) of the Chamber of Deputies approved on Tuesday, conclusiveness, project that establishes a minimum pricing policy for the transport sector, reported the Agency Board. The project, which will follow for approval in the Senate, determines that in the months of January and July, the Ministry of transport set minimum amounts per kilometer run for the freight charged for the carriage of cargo. The proposal provides that the definition of minimum prices must take into account, as a priority, the oscillation of the value of the diesel fuel and tolls in the composition of freight costs. The measure faces opposition from members of the agricultural sector, which estimates that freight prices must be regulated by the market. In the project, are already provided for minimum values until the Executive regularly the law: real 0.90 per kilometer run for each axle loads, in the case of chilled or dangerous loads; and real 0.70 other types of loads. Minimum prices will be set with unions of transport companies and self-employed carriers of cargo, as well as representatives of industry unions, also according to the Agency Board. The project was approved at the CCJ after protests by truckers performed earlier this year in some important soy-producing regions. The protesters complained of low freight prices.
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