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Light-generating energy will be sold to Alliance, says Cemig

The Companhia Energética de Minas Gerais (Cemig) will hold the sale of your slice of 43% in Light energy, the generator connected to the Distributor, as part of your divestiture program. Corporate negotiations are already underway with the power generation Alliance SA, a joint venture between the State-owned mining itself and the Valley. "This project is quite advanced, structured enough," said the Director of business development of Cemig, Cesar Vaz de Melo Fernandes. According to him, after Taesa, this is the most easy to monetize one of the names listed in the program realization. "This sale is simpler than a M&A (merger and acquisition), because the Valley, a partner in the Alliance, has an interest", commented. The Valley also would act in operation including generation assets you own and not part of the Alliance, signalled the Executive. Asked if the sale of Light energy to offer subsequent actions (follow on) of the Light would be discarded, the Director of finance and Investor Relations of Cemig, Adézio de Almeida Lima, said that at the moment the sale of generation operation is more important than the stock offering. "Follow-on in Light is not discarded, but goal now is to sell generation," he said. He recalls that no generation activity, the Light will be focused on distribution, which can contribute to the improvement of the evaluation of the company, because the operation would be more visible. In addition to the Light energy, can be part of the operation with the other Alliance generation assets, as participation in power plants of Cachoeirão, popcorn and Paracambi, which have a book value of R $127,000,000.
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