terça-feira, 20 de junho, 2017

Meat chain in the country will take at least 18 months to restructure, says Manager TCP

For the year 2017, the TCP Latam casts the average value at 119.3 real reduction of bovine of 22% compared to the previous year''s record, while watching an annual decline of 15% in the country for slaughter 25,200,000 of heads, a string of falls that comes from 2013, when totaled 34,400,000. Second TCP specialist, BTG international network Global Partner Advisory, in general the ranchers have serious management problems and failed to take advantage of the good prices of at last year. "Some ranchers with which we are working on restructuring the debt, practically have no balance. And then came the crisis, this guy was discovered, "he said, noting that cattle producers also face difficulty paying their debts. The study also cited operation impact weak flesh, the Federal Police, which investigated irregularities in the sector.
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