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Sergipe has the lowest cost of construction in the country

The nine Northeastern States were among the 12 more Brazil cheap in construction sector in April. Sergipe has maintained the lowest cost (R $910.36), followed by Rio Grande do Norte (R $924.37) and Bahia (R $949.83), while Paraíba registered the most expensive value (R $1,021.43). The numbers make up the analysis of the technical Office of economic studies of the Northeast (Etene), with research data Survey of the construction industry, the National Confederation of industry (CNI) and national research System costs and construction Indexes (Sinapi), IBGE, available on the website of the Banco do Nordeste (BNB). The Research evaluates the cost of two items: construction material and workmanship. On the first point, Sergipe has registered the country''s cheap cost (R $411.35). And the State has the third lowest cost of Labor (R $499.01). Regional analysis, the second item is cheaper in Bahia (R $490.86). The participation of the components in the total cost of construction was divided into 51.4% to 48.6% in material and labor, which had an elevation of 0.28% in April, while the cost of materials increased by only 0.04%. At regional level, both the workmanship (R $445.41) and the price of the material (R $519.36), in the Northeast, were the smallest of Brazil. In addition to the Northeastern States, Holy Spirit (R $951.82) and Minas Gerais (R $989.27), States where the BNB also acts, are included in the list of the cheapest 12 and occupy the fifth and eighth place, respectively. At the national level, there was improvement in indicators that measure the expectations in the construction business. The contents level of activities; new ventures and services; purchases of inputs and raw materials, and number of employees have been optimistic for the coming months.
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